Nuvoo Mining offers a lot of opportunities for cryptocurrency mining. It is a Canadian company founded in 2016, specializing in hosting high-density computer hardware. They are aimed at offering cost-effective solutions to cryptocurrency miners. Nuvoo strives to enroll the top leaders in the industry and to make them available to the community.
Nuvoo Mining is aimed at large-scale entrepreneurs, as well as at those who take the first steps into the cryptocurrency world. It is a smart and easy way to start mining, but at the same time, experts can choose from one unit farm to multiple tier-1 home dedicated mining farm. Nuvoo provides tools needed for Cloud Mining services, Dedicated and Co-located Miners.

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Why to Choose Nuvoo Mining?

Nuvoo offers everything you need for mining. You will not have to manage or maintain your own mining rig. With an excellent infrastructure and favorable climate in Quebec, Canada, they currently own and operate data centers serving thousands of customers around the world.

Nuvoo geography

The electricity for data centers is generated from an environmentally friendly hydroelectric power station, which uses energy from renewable sources, located near the facility. Nuvoo offers lower mining costs as a high percentage of electricity in Quebec is generated from hydroelectric dams. With Nuvoo, you pay nothing for the electricity as this company has invested in cheaper yet natural sources of electricity. The cooling costs are also lower because of the cold tundra region of Quebec, which is ideal for mining machine performance.

nuvoo mining coins

When you sign up with Nuvoo, you will get instant access to a high-level security web panel with all information about your mining rigs. Moreover, the company provides a webcam security system in a live stream 24/7. So, you can observe the work of the equipment at any time.

is nuvoo mining scam

Nuvoo Mining offers Open-Ended contract, which guarantees hash power and receiving Bitcoins as long as it’s profitable. They strive to provide 100% up-time and the best support the industry can offer. The payouts are generated on a daily basis with the withdrawal limit set at 0.0020 BTC.


Nuvoo is the first company ever to offer customers the benefit of making payments in 24 payments, which allows you to get larger contracts for lower monthly payments.
You can select the hash power directly on the Nuvoo official website according to your budget and pay your plan in equal monthly installments. Once 24 payments are completed, your contract becomes lifetime. On their BTC open-ended contract, you’ve got the choice of payment: 144$ for 1TH/s or a monthly payment of 6$ for 24 months. Whatever hash power you choose, all related mining fees are already taken into account, including the expenses on the electricity, hardware cooling, maintenance, and hosting.

nuvoo mining price

Coins to Mine

Today, there are two basic mining coins offered by Nuvoo Mining: Bitcoin and ZCash. ZCash (ZEC) is a crypto with an open source code developed by Zerocoin Company. It is an innovative and widely available virtual coin. By default, all algorithms are assigned to BTC for all algorithms and, therefore, the payments are received in BTC, which is a very cost-effective way to extract different coins.

Nuvoo VS Genesis Mining

Miners usually prefer proven hosts such as Nuvoo or Genesis Mining. However, Nuvoo Mining claims that their Bitcoin mining tariffs are currently 50% cheaper, and the maintenance fee is lower than, for example, Genesis Mining. Furthermore, Nuvoo Mining offers lifetime Bitcoin mining contract, while Genesis Mining – 5-year contract. Nuvoo became the first company to enable customers to make payments on a monthly basis. With Nuvoo, you will get daily payouts of your investment to your designated wallet.

nuvoo vs genesis

Let’s compare the prices of Genesis Mining and Nuvoo.


  • Genesis Mining – $255 for 1TH/s.
  • Nuvoo Mining – $144 for 1 TH/s.


  • Genesis Mining – $530 for 200 H/s.
  • Nuvoo Mining – $110 for 500 H/s.

Nuvoo Mining vs HashFlare

Both with NuVoo Mining and HashFlare, the mining starts immediately after confirmed payment. But it is worth noting that HashFlare offers contracts for one year, while Nuvoo’s contracts are term less, which means that you can mine cryptocurrencies through Nuvoo unlimited way to stay profitable all the time.
Mining profitability depends on the current rate and the complexity of cryptocurrency mining. The great advantage of Nuvoo is that they do not charge their clients with maintenance and electricity fees – the company is in charge of that itself.

Let’s compare the prices of these two services.


  • NuVoo Mining – $199 per 527.08 GH/s.
  • HashFlare – $1.8 per 10 GH/s.