Since 2016, the cloud mining service IQ mining has been based. It is a team of professionals specializing in blockchain programming and IT. No one knows more deeply about Altcoins than they do. This service gives you the opportunity to invest in cryptocurrencies, being in a comfortable home environment and doing it “in the cloud”.

iq mining review

Want to know more about the basic principles of using, pricing and benefits of IQ Mining?

Why to choose IQ Mining?

Among the variety of cloud mining services, it seems difficult to find the most proven and profitable. Are you looking for just that? Feel free to register on the IQ mining service and see its advantages and features.

The most important advantage of this service is the reduction of electricity consumption in the process of using mining. What does it depend on? IQ Mining is in an agreement with electricity suppliers, which gives a profitable job both for users and for the service itself.

What is your purpose of using this site? Definitely, this is earnings. In this case, it will be important to know that IQ Mining always adds the most profitable Altcoins and always keeps track of the current rate of cryptocurrency.

No less important and pleasant feature is that you will not have any difficulties with the withdrawal of funds earned in your personal wallet. IQ Mining has made sure that this process takes place as quickly and safely as possible. With regard to security, you can ensure it through the conclusion of a smart-contract. It allows you to protect the income of mining customers.

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Among the advantages of IQ Mining you can also list the available calculation of the profit. In addition, the service does not request additional funds to pay for their use.

Probably, the above advantages and features of IQ Mining are sufficiently convincing reasons to choose this reliable service for cloud mining.


IQ Mining allows its client to choose the necessary and available individually for each tier. In total there are three: bronze, silver and gold. Each of them provides you with daily payments. But first of all it is necessary to stop in choosing a contract that determines the price and possible earnings on the service. Consider what they are:

  • Script Mining
  • SHA-256 Mining
  • Ethereum Mining
  • ZCash Mining
  • ZCash Mining

You can find out in more detail about the pricing policy of each contract, if you examine the table in which prices and conditions are indicated. Thus, you will determine which of the listed contracts is most suitable for you.

Coins to mine

As for earnings, IQ Mining provides the ability to withdraw, invest and work with such cryptocurrencies as:

  • Ethereum
  • Darkcoin
  • Litecoin

The most popular and popular of them is Litecoin. It is considered to be the gold among cryptocurrencies, however, it is necessary to master the skill of mathematical calculations, for which you will need a PC graphic processor or special ASIC equipment. But Darkcoin and Ethereum require much less resources.

IQ Mining VS Hashflare

What is the difference between IQ Mining and Hashflare?

They differ in that IQ Mining uses “intellectual mining” instead of traditional. This is manifested in the launch of an algorithm capable of controlling the performance of mining. After that, mining switches to the most profitable cryptocurrency.

Thus, at IQ Mining you can earn three times more profit for each MH/s than at Hashflare.

IQ Mining – Scam or Not?

IQ Mining is not a scam. Why?

This can be explained by the fact that the company pays you a guaranteed profit every 6 days. This allows you to avoid the risk of loss of funds and earn them without having special skills.

IQ mining receives a large number of positive reviews from users. This demonstrates the high quality of the work of this investment forum. Stable attendance also indicates that this service is not a scam.

You can safely invest and make money on IQ Mining, that will help you to master the easy profit.