Have you heard about the Cryptouniverse.io service? This team, which is engaged in research and development of the field of crypto-communications, and has its origins since 2017. Since the founding of the company, crypto specialists, IT specialists and engineers have been accepted to headquarters. The development of the company allows you to turn cloud development into a public business opportunity.

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The company was officially registered on July 20, 2017. The first business stage was a business trip to China. There are also opportunities for doing business with such major manufacturers of equipment for the development of cryptocurrency systems such as: Bitmain, Ebang, Canaan, Innosilicon.

The event of the fall of 2017 was the installation and creation of their miners in the Cryptouniverse. The launch of the first data centers and their maintenance with a large-scale project confirmed the power of the technical center.

At the moment, the successful work and development of this technical center is facilitated by a favorable climate, which includes in its features temperature stability and is not exposed to high levels of humidity. Equally, important is the optimal location of the technical center.

Why to Choose Cryptouniverse?

Let’s look at the reasons why you should choose Cryptouniverse as a cloud mining service. A team of professionals has created everything you need for convenient mining using the service of cloud computing. This allows you to play Bitcoin and Litecoin. To do this, you only need to select the desired power and enjoy the earnings. The procedure is as follows:

  • create a personal account;
  • decide on your preferred fare;
  • receive daily rewards for cryptocurrency;
  • keep track of detailed statistics, analytics and predictions of crypto-communications in real time.

You cannot worry about the security of using this service. The creators took care of reliable protection of the site from any types of DDoS-attacks. They guarantee a secure connection thanks to the GlobalSign certificate. Using two-factor authentication, you are provided with additional data protection.

You have the opportunity to track the process of working in the miner using the online broadcast at any time.

Another reason that convinces to choose the Cryptouniverse is that the professionals of this service timely eliminate any malfunctions and carry out maintenance of the equipment in their own laboratory.


Immediately after you pay for the package, you will get access to the service. This allows you to earn your first bitcoins in the very first day! What to choose from?

The company offers the following options for mining packages:

CONTRACT ALGORITHM PRICE Minimal hashrate amount
Cloud Mining Bitcoin 365 SHA-256 $65 1 TH/s
Cloud Mining Litecoin 365 SCRYPT $65 100 MH/s
Cloud Mining Bitcoin 2025 SHA-256 $79 1 TH/s
Cloud Mining Litecoin 2025 SCRYPT $79 100 MH/s
Bitmain Antminer S9i SHA-256 $639 14.5 TH/s
Bitmain Antminer L3++ SCRYPT $289 580 MH/s

Cryptouniverse price

Cryptouniverse Pricing


You can view the table (which are on this site) that contains the characteristics of the packages to choose the most convenient for you. Everyone chooses by category. The duration of access is important for someone, the price is for someone, and the minimum hash is of your need. Identify the characteristics that are important to you and look at them in a table.

Coins to Mine

On this site you can mine such coins as Litecoin and Bitcoin.

Litecoin is a digital currency, which makes great predictions, as its profitability and popularity is constantly increasing. Litecoin generates a new block every 10 minutes and allows instant and hands-on payments instantly.

Before you start doing this cryptocurrency, evaluate the speed of the solution block, profitability, and only then you can choose to mine. What are the criteria for cryptocurrency that this profitability depends on?

  • cost;
  • capitalization;
  • liquidity;
  • volatility.

Also, here you can earn bitcoins. In fact, it all began with them. To date, there are already about 700 cryptocurrencies available for mining and selling on exchanges.

If you are a beginner, then do not rush to master bi quine. They contain the enormous complexity of mathematical algorithms. Thus, Bitcoin can be called a suitable option only for extensive mining.

Cryptouniverse – Scam or Not?

Cryptouniverse can be called a reliable service for cloud mining. He is not a Scam. There are distinctive features of a scam from reliable service. Consider them further.

The scam of an investment project is characterized by frequent technical problems with the company’s website, DDoS attacks and crashes. In turn, the Cryptouniverse, as described above, is reliably protected from this.

Cryptouniverse Start

The sharp deterioration in the quality of customer service work is a sign of a scam, and it is connected with the fact that the administration of the project no longer wants to spend either time or money on the work of the customer support service of the site. As for the Cryptouniverse, it is always in touch with its customers.

The main sign of problems in the project are problems with the conclusion after more than 6 WORKING days. You will never see this on the Cryptouniverse site and will be able to calmly manage your account.

Always pay attention to reviews and site traffic. If the majority of reviews are negative statements on the topic of withdrawal of funds, for example, then it is worth considering the quality of the work of this investment forum. Any meaningful review will help you navigate the choice of service in the field of crypto-communications. Attendance also indicates the quality of the site.

Approach the site for mining is very responsible, since your earnings and the quality of your life depend on it.