CCG Mining is EU headquartered company appeared in the cryptocurrency market a few years ago. Company’s core is an international team of professionals in cryptocurrency, hi-tech and marketing industries originated from Russia, Ukraine, and Poland. The main office is registered in London, UK whereas data centers are spread in different European countries. Since the time of foundation CCG Mining consistently follows its basic principle to make cloud mining as easy and efficient for each customer as possible implementing new and efficient features. Aside from various attractive cloud mining options it also offers services for developing specialized mining equipment and maintenance.

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Finding solid and trustworthy cloud mining provider to invest in is a really important objective both for the beginners and crypto market pros. Considering the company’s stable work for years, as well as its constant growth and implementing new innovational solutions providing better service and opportunities for customers choosing CCG Mining can be a good worth to try option.

Why to Choose CCG Mining?

Competitive advantages and features:

  • CCG Mining offers a rational, simple and safe way to invest and make profits.
  • The company owns 2 data centers located in Europe directly designed and targeted at cryptocurrency mining.
  • Data centers are fully equipped and maintained providing optimal mining conditions for users, also secured and insured.

The resource has a simple user-friendly interface with several languages integrated, also adapted for any mobile devices.


Generally, 4 mining contract options are available for each coin.

  • This contract is most suitable for the beginners or the new users of the system who want to have a better understanding of how everything works without spending too much money. In case of choosing 1 year Bitcoin mining contract, the customer will get 100 GH/s for $10.99 only.
  • The option mostly intended for the people already having mining experience and willing to get more power and profit. The same one year contract for mining BTC will cost $45.99 bringing 400 GH/s to its buyer.
  • The name says for itself. This is for the people feeling free in the crypto world because more investments bring the higher profit. Investing $1990.99 the miner will enjoy the power of 25,000 GH/s for the whole year.
  • Custom. In case the user is not able to find contract option suitable for his individual needs among above-named plans he can design his own using the custom option. The price there starts from $99.00 for 1 TH/s.

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Coins to mine

All cryptocurrencies use different hashing algorithms that are responsible for the work of the blockchain. The company allows to mine several the most popular coins using Proof-of-Work (PoW) protocol and various hash algorithms:

  • Bitcoin (BTC) – SHA256;
  • Ethereum (ETH) – Ethash;
  • ZCash (ZEC) – Equihash;
  • Monero (XMR) – CryptoNight;
  • Litecoin (LTC) – Scrypt;
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH) – SHA256.

CCG Mining VS Hashflare

Considering high profitability of crypto mining for long-term the cloud power is a subject of quick purchase. All SHA256, Scrypt, Equihash, X11 miners are already out of stock at Hashflare, with an only limited stock of Ethash power for Etherium mining. The same time CCG Mining offers its users available contracts for all possible coins to mine inside the system with almost twice cheaper maintenance fee, $0.00017 for 1 GH/S daily against $0.00035.  Another undeniable benefit is the ability to buy unlimited BTC mining option whether Hashflare offered only annual contracts.

CCG Mining – Scam or Not

Over the years the company has proved its commitment to deliver only efficient and qualitative service to its customers and number of satisfied users is the best evidence. The customer support service is available 7/24, responding promptly and effectively. It’s possible to reach them via e-mail or Skype Chat, also submitting simple form on the webpage.

In case of getting any specific issues or in other situations the customer is able to contact with various departments of the company directly using their email addresses of Skype contacts. The website itself has a strong DDoS protection as well as SSL encryption ensuring all user’s financial, personal and other data secured.

Considering everything mention above, CCG Mining definitely doesn’t look a scam project but anyway before starting using their service it’s strongly recommended to read all terms and conditions and privacy policy available on the website of the company.

CCG Mining Service

Also, before starting cloud mining it’s necessary to clearly understand that any type of mining investment carries great risks for the investors. Mining provider just gives the opportunity to mine this or that coin sending it directly to customer’s wallet. And how to use this coin depending on the market situation or price fluctuations the user will decide only by himself. This can make him profit or lose, that’s why decisions must be deliberate, not hasty and well weighed.